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Protect Your Recruitment Investment With Employee Attachment

Do you want to put the talent you’ve just recruited on the road to optimum performance right from the moment they join you? Then try our ‘Attach and Engage Your People Early’ Workshop.

If you need help to correctly introduce your new employees into their new job role, or to help engage and support existing employees to perform at their best, this one day workshop is for you.

You will be keen to learn about best practice induction for new staff, helping them to feel confident, clear and valued in their first few months in the job. You want to do the best you can for your new staff, inspiring and motivating them when they join you, so that they become high performers for the long term.

You will also be keen to learn about employee engagement techniques that help to develop and maintain highly engaged workforces, which result in significant business improvements, such as:

  • Improved levels of discretionary effort;
  • Reductions in absenteeism;
  • Reduced levels of staff turnover and improved staff retention;
  • Greater levels of innovation.


What’s included?

This intensive day long workshop is designed to help you start to identify best practice strategies to effectively introduce new staff to the organisation and to help you optimise your employees’ performance right from the start and throughout their career with you.

The workshop includes a mix of evidence based theory and best practice, and importantly delegates will have the opportunity to apply learning, considering how your organisation can do things better, to get your staff “onboard” and help them to perform their best in the future.

This workshop is suitable for Operations Managers, HR Managers and Senior Leaders / Middle Managers with team leading responsibilities in Small and Medium sized enterprises and larger organisations.

Don’t run the risks of high attrition or reduced staff performance!

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