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Developing Your Team

Would you like your team to be even more effective? Would you like them to see more clearly the bigger picture and work towards a common goal?

In a time of reduced budgets, excessive workloads and challenging targets making the most of your resources makes sound business sense. One of the greatest assets that any organisation has is its people. When people feel overwhelmed and misunderstood they are unable to perform at their best. Whereas when they feel valued, are engaged with their work and able to do a great job they flourish.

Equip your team with the right skills to help them work together, increase understanding across the workplace and improve their motivation, engagement and performance.

GuideDotYou offers a range of team development workshops to bring staff, managers and leaders together, giving them space away from their day-to-day work, encouraging a one team mind-set and delivering greater clarity on overall goals for your team or department.

We can help with…….

  • Developing your confidence in managing performance across your team(s) to help them perform at their best.
  • Designing and implementing tools and guidance about how to motivate and reward your workforce.
  • Building your understanding of how to successfully handle difficult conversations.
  • Tools and techniques to help the team be more influential, whether that’s influencing teams, customers or indeed Senior Management and Directors.
  • Making time and space to plan strategically and collaboratively to create new ideas to take the business forward.
  • Developing coaching skills. Help managers support and develop their own teams in order to drive performance and increase motivation.
  • Team Building activity days. Help the team bond together and understand each other’s strengths while having fun outdoors.
  • Exploring team dynamics. Understand how people are different in their motivation and how they can sometimes react differently when in conflict. A great way to break down barriers and gain understanding.
  • Brokering and managing conflict within the team if it does occur.
  • Designing and implementing competency sets to maximise performance.

How Do I Get Started?

For your business planning needs GuideDotYou offers an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes, in which we will identify your specific business support requirements and recommend solutions best suited to your needs.

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