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Introduction to Starting Your Business™

Interested in Setting up your own Business? – We have a taster workshop just for you

Duration: Half Day

Who Should Attend?

This interactive taster workshop is suitable for anyone who has an idea, interest or hobby and would like some early guidance about what’s involved in starting a business.

Support workers and carers of people who would like to attend and explore their business idea are very welcome to join in.

Workshop Aims

This is a taster session, not an intensive boot camp. It aims to start to answer some frequently asked questions that people have when they consider starting a business, such as:

  •  Could my interest, hobby or idea become a business?
  •  Will running a business suit me?
  • How should I market my business?
  • What should be included in my business plan?
  •  And more.


Who Should Book?

Anyone with a wish to explore if running a business could be for them.

Do you agree that working should promote experiences of positive wellbeing, including improved self-esteem, motivation, improved general and mental health, and reduced psychological distress?

Do you support our view that work should be therapeutic, improve quality of life and lead to better health outcomes?

Do you know or work with people who have the talent and potential to become self-employed, and could succeed if only they had the correct levels of support and guidance?

Group bookings can be purchased by organisations on behalf of their clients and students.

How Do I Get Started?

For your business planning needs GuideDotYou offers an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes, in which we will identify your specific business support requirements and recommend solutions best suited to your needs.

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