Are Your Employees Onboard?

Employee Onboarding or Attachment is an essential component to retaining staff and them achieving optimal performance at work.  It is the process of correctly introducing an employee to their organisation or department in the early days of the job role and is business critical.

Employee Engagement may be more familiar to you and is also business critical if you are to get the most out of your most important resource – your people.

But think about this – if you as an employer don’t bond with your employees from day one, their interest, inspiration and motivation to do well will be rather dampened.  If it’s a pretty damp squib at the start, how do you expect an employee’s performance to reach the dizzy heights you hope for?  Even if you invest heavily in Employee Engagement activity later, you might be attempting to raise performance from a pretty low baseline.  And that could be a heavy investment not well spent.

Employee Attachment follows similar principles to how children bond with their parents from birth, the degrees of which can be hugely variable. Investing significantly in the period that immediately follows the appointment of a new employee, Attachment (which I affectionately call Induction Plus) can have the most significant contribution to make in terms of long term employee performance.

A significant number of employees who leave within the first 18 months are often incorrectly labelled by their managers as unsuitable or unavoidably lost. Not so!  These departures usually occur because of either poor recruitment or poor Attachment in the early days of the Employer – Employee relationship.

If you’re serious about retaining your staff and getting the best performance from them you need to know about the 20 drivers of Attachment.


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