Protect Your Recruitment Investment with Employee Attachment

Most businesses know that thousands of pounds are wasted each year as a result of poor employee engagement.  So we spend thousands more on trying to fix it.  What if we could break the cycle of disengagement altogether?

We are delighted to announce that Phil will be speaking about this at a new to the UK seminar, as part of Blackpool Business Expo, being held on Friday 25th September.

This short, thought-provoking seminar will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at what it means to create a positive onboarding experience for your new recruits.

An effective onboarding program is a whole lot more than a tick-box exercise; it’s about:

  • mitigating the risks of early employee attrition;
  • achieving a faster Return On Investment through discretionary effort and performance;
  • accelerating the time it takes for new employees to reach minimum level competence and their personal contribution towards your greater profitability.

The term “Employee Attachment” refers to the strength of bond achieved between a new recruit and the organisation within the first four months of employment. This is a time when employee perceptions of security, trust and value, acceptance and belonging are all formed – the foundation for a highly engaged and high performing team member.


In this interactive seminar:

  • Learn the meaning of the term “Employee Attachment”, and its origins
  • Identify the four elements of workplace attachment
  • Understand the wide range of employee onboarding costs for your business, including direct & indirect costs
  • Identify the 20 drivers of Employee Attachment
  • Start to consider what steps you can take to improve attachment levels within your workplace

SorkHC has been awarded two Australian Patents for research and development in social psychology for Employee Attachment and Engagement.  Phil’s seminar brings you these knowledge and insights to date rarely seen in the UK.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn about and improve your onboarding experiences for your new staff.

For more information and to book your place go to the Blackpool Expo website.



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