Can You Help Bring Unique Employee Attachment Insights Into The UK?

Phil Parramore of GuideDotYou Change Solutions is the only UK Licensed Practitioner in the UK for the Employee Attachment Inventory.
On Friday 25th September Phil is bringing little known insights to the Blackpool Expo in our Protect Your Recruitment Investment with Employee Attachment seminar, so you can hear it first.
An effective onboarding program is about:
  • mitigating the risks of early employee attrition;
  • achieving a faster Return On Investment through discretionary effort and performance;
  • accelerating the time it takes for new employees to reach minimum level competence and their personal contribution towards your greater profitability.

The term “Employee Attachment” refers to the strength of bond achieved between a new recruit and the organisation within the first four months of employment. This is a time when employee perceptions of security, trust and value, acceptance and belonging are all formed – the foundation for a highly engaged and high performing team member.

Would You Like To Be Associated With Insights New To The UK?
The following sponsorship opportunities are available to be associated with these new insights about how organisations can save protect their large financial investment in new recruits:
  • Leaflet sponsorship – have your business logo on the same page as Employee Attachment information.  Each seminar delegate will receive a copy of the leaflet, which will also be available at our exhibition stand.
  • Seminar shoutout – your company will be mentioned during the seminar, have your logo on our presentation slides and your banner stand can be present in the room too.
  • Social Media – information about the seminar sent by GuideDotYou prior to the seminar, by e-mail and shared on Social Media will include that you are sponsoring the seminar.
  • Video capture – new and growing media production businesses can record and edit the seminar for use by GuideDotYou in future promotional activity.  Include your company branding at the start and end of the video and use it to showcase your own work to future prospects.
If you would like the opportunity to be a part of bringing Employee Attachment insights to the region, please contact us, by phoning 07766 543356, e-mailing or use the contact form on the GuideDotYou website to request more information and prices.

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