How Effective Is Your Networking Activity?

A few days ago I delivered a skills workshop, “Power Networking To Find New Business.”

As part of the session delegates were asked to consider their current networking activities and whether they believe them to be effective.

The responses were mixed.

Whilst some respondents were confident their networking produces results, some answers were less convincing.  If the ways you do things mean the relationships your build or the referrals you obtain are not satisfactory or better, then we have to ask ourselves why.

Some of the areas for consideration from our initial small sample research include:

  • people may be active on social media, but not do much face to face networking
  • the converse is also true – some don’t like the idea of social media or don’t have the skills
  • not everyone recognises that it takes time to build trust
  • some people don’t understand well enough that buyers may well not be in the networking room, given that everyone is representing their own organisation
  • so people don’t always understand that sales will come from referrals outside the networking room
  • we could not be convinced that people are attending the right networking events that will generate leads in their sector
  • there had been previous poor experience of at least one networking leader who facilitated badly, interrupted people talking and prevented visitors and members from building rapport.
  • There were examples of visiting a wide range of networking groups to try and produce results.
  • Some people do not have a third party to whom they are accountable for checking their networking activity is effective


We also heard about a range of great examples of networking, producing results and many people and groups from who we can learn good habits.

At our next event, in Blackpool on 29th March, we will be exploring further the issues above, as well as what works well, and doing more work to check whether current networking activities are meeting your expectations.  And what can be done about it.

We would love you to join us at “Improving Your Networking Skills”, a two and a half hour great value workshop and practice, for just twelve people serious about learning and improving how they network.

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