I often get asked how we can add value…

When in conversation with people, either offline or online, I often get asked how we can add value.

GuideDotYou specialises in Business Planning, Project Management, Getting The Best Out Of People and Interim Management.

We have a range of interventions that, right across Lancashire and beyond, can address that problem or challenge, that can prevent that little niggle becoming a big issue or can add significant value over and above your already solid foundations.

Many people at networking events, or on Social Media, think it is enough to talk about their product or service.  It isn’t!

You have to connect with the person you are speaking with and provide, statistics, facts and real examples of how your product, service or technology interfaces with the customer problem and therefore provides a real value proposition.

So, for example asking questions like:

  • Are you currently disappointed with your performance or projects?
  • Are you frustrated by changes to Government Policy?
  • Are you not sure what to focus on next?
  • Do you have too many staff not at work or not performing?

If any of these apply in your organisation GuideDotYou people can help you resolve, for example by:

  • supporting you to set your goals and targets or be part of the team that delivers them
  • advising what goes into a business plan or funding application or write it for you
  • supporting you with how to start and manage projects well or be part of your project delivery team
  • reviewing your potential for improvement or be part of the operational team that makes your organisation more effective and efficient

Whatever you need to help you get more focused, get over a problem or challenge, or to help you and your staff be high performing, all of which facilitate growth, we can help.


Our range of professional development workshops, coaching and mentoring solutions includes:

  • Why Business Planning Is Critical To Success
  • Answering The Questions Business Investors Ask
  • Start Your Project Well
  • Protecting Your Recruitment Investment With Employee Attachment

and others that support your business start-up and help improve your performance in online and offline networking.

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What are our top tips?

Don’t leave that little niggle, problem or challenge to fester.

Conversely act early to gain real focus and direction and to prevent problems from arising and deepening.

Do this by accessing the wide range of support available as early as possible to help you maximise your bottom line and prevent concerns becoming business threatening issues.

Please ask for our free consultation to help decide on the solution that is right for you.



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