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Developing Your Leadership Skills

Leaders are all different. Some appear to be born leaders while others have leadership thrust upon them and need to learn to adapt to their new environment.

Would you like to understand your own strengths and develop your leadership skills further?

The CIPD report into Learning and Development trends for 2014 found that 76% of organisations offer coaching and mentoring and it’s on the increase. Leadership coaching isn’t just for senior executives.

Having time with an experienced leadership coach can help you:

  • develop your leadership skills at whatever stage you are at in your career;
  • take stock of where you are now;
  • decide what actions you can take to carry on your Leadership journey;
  • support you in putting your plan into practice.

Some of the most common feedback that we get from coaching clients is that they appreciate the time out from their busy daily lives to just stop and think about which direction they are heading and what they really want to achieve. They also value the opportunity to speak with someone outside of their organisation in confidence and have their views challenged in a safe environment.

GuideDotYou offers a tailored coaching service built around your own individual needs as a Leader, whether that’s time spent with a career coach considering your future direction. Or time with a leadership consultant considering how to enhance your skills as a Leader.

We can help and support you to….

  • Understand your strengths and how to make the most of them.
  • Identify any personal weaknesses and accept they exist and/or remedy them.
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve in your career and what the next steps are to getting there.
  • Find the time and space to think about the future direction of your business.
  • Decide how to prioritise your time.
  • Enhance your coaching skills to support and develop your team.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively so that you don’t take everything on yourself.
  • Improve your written communication skills so that you can be more influential.
  • Understanding in what ways you are resilient and how you can adapt to changes.
  • Lead and Manage Change Well.
  • Designing and Implementing competency sets to maximise performance.

How Do I Get Started?

For your business planning needs GuideDotYou offers an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes, in which we will identify your specific business support requirements and recommend solutions best suited to your needs.

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