Business Growth Pathway

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to deliver my new "Business Growth Pathway" short workshop this week at a networking [...]

Business Growth Pathway2017-08-09T11:50:34+01:00

Top tips for growth

I've seen advertised recently a number of events, and indeed recently delivered myself a workshop on future vision and growth for the [...]

Top tips for growth2017-08-09T11:50:52+01:00

Preparing for Change

So last week I wrote a blog, after my daughter, who goes to University in four weeks, said "I'm NEVER coming home!" [...]

Preparing for Change2017-08-09T11:51:02+01:00

Creating Hope

Recently I was invited by one of my mentors to work alongside her, with a young person who has epilepsy. Here is [...]

Creating Hope2017-08-09T11:50:35+01:00