Start Your Project Well

This intensive three hour workshop, with a range of content, teaches delegates some vital project management techniques, which are certainly useful as [...]

Start Your Project Well2017-09-22T12:38:41+01:00

Survival, Growth and Success

On Thursday 21st September GuideDotYou sponsored first prize for fashion designers at Fashion Fiesta, an annual event held to support the young [...]

Survival, Growth and Success2017-09-26T12:49:01+01:00

Retained Services

There are many situations we all enter into, thinking that we would like to benefit from a business service, but an obstacle [...]

Retained Services2017-08-09T11:50:06+01:00

A Little Of My Journey

What follows is the substance of a short speech I made at an Innovation and Health business seminar last week.  I hope [...]

A Little Of My Journey2017-08-09T11:50:06+01:00

Business Growth Pathway

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to deliver my new "Business Growth Pathway" short workshop this week at a networking [...]

Business Growth Pathway2017-08-09T11:50:34+01:00